Device for installing air conditioner in window



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To simplify fitting of an installation frame 10. SOLUTION: The present device for installing an air conditioner in a window is equipped with the installation frame 10, of which the longitudinal dimension is adjusted by extending a slide frame 12 from a body frame 11 according to a vertical height of every sort of window sash, wherein the air conditioner is installed. A rear-part flange 16 or 23 is provided at the bottom or the outdoor- side end of the upper side of a horizontal muntin of the body frame 11 or the slide frame 12, and a flange 17 or 24 for a screw hole is provided on the indoor side of the rear-part flange. By a set screw 19 or 26 fitted in the screw hole of the flanges 17 or 24, the window sash is held between the rear-part flange and the set screw. In the device thus constituted, the flange 17 or 24 for the screw hole is formed at a prescribed angle with respect to the rear-part flange 16 or 23 and the head part of the set screw 19 or 26 is made to project from the front of the installation frame 10.
(57)【要約】 【課題】据付枠10の取付を簡単にする。 【解決手段】空気調和機を据付ける種々の窓サッシの上 下高さによって縦方向の寸法を本体枠11からスライド 枠12を引き伸ばす事で調節する据付枠10を備え、前 記本体枠11又はスライド枠12の横桟底面又は上面の 室外側端に後部フランジ16・23を設け、このフラン ジよりも室内側にネジ穴用フランジ17・24を設け、 このネジ穴用フランジ17・24のネジ穴に取付る止め ネジ19・26にて前記後部フランジと止めネジの間に 窓サッシを挟持する空気調和機の窓据付装置に於いて、 前記ネジ穴用フランジ17・24は後部フランジ16・ 23に対して所定角度に形成し、前記止めネジ19・2 6の頭部を据付枠10前面よりも突出するようにしたも のである。




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