Defrosting controller for air conditioner



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a defrosting controller capable of switching a four-way valve surely. SOLUTION: The defrosting controller detects an indoor pipeline temperature, capable of detecting the condensing temperature of refrigerant, by an indoor pipeline temperature detecting means 8, stops a compressor for a predetermined stopping distance by a compressor operation stopping means 15 when a defrosting operation starting signal is inputted from a defrosting operation switching means 13, and during this stopping distance, the controller decides whether the indoor pipeline temperature, immediately before the inputting of the defrosting operation starting signal, is higher than a predetermined temperature stored in a temperature memory means 9 or not by a temperature deciding means 10, and a valve opening pulse number, having a large value, is set by a valve opening pulse deciding means 12 when the temperature is higher than the predetermined temperature while a small valve opening pulse number is set when the temperature is lower than the predetermined value whereby a motor- driven expansion valve 6 is opened by an expansion valve driving means 17 through a valve opening pulse outputting means 16. According to this method, a differential pressure between a high pressure and a low pressure in a refrigerating cycle is secured so as to be neither too much nor too little just enough whereby the four-way valve can be switched surely. COPYRIGHT: (C)2002,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 4方弁を確実に切り換え得るようにした除霜 制御装置を提供する。 【解決手段】 除霜制御装置は、冷媒の凝縮温度を検知 可能な室内配管温度を室内配管温度検出手段8により検 出し、除霜運転切換手段13から除霜運転開始信号を入 力したとき、圧縮機運転停止手段15により圧縮機を所 定停止時間だけ停止し、その間、前記除霜運転開始信号 の入力直前の室内配管温度が温度記憶手段9に記憶して ある所定の温度以上か否かを温度判定手段10により判 定し、弁開パルス判定手段12により、所定温度以上で ある場合には値の大きい弁開パルス数を設定し、未満で ある場合には値の小さい弁開パルス数を設定し、弁開パ ルス出力手段16を介して膨張弁駆動手段17により電 動膨張弁6を弁開駆動する。これにより、冷凍サイクル における高圧と低圧との差圧を過不足なく確保して、4 方弁を確実に切り換えることができる。




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