Moisture retaining plate and construction method of vegetation on slope face using the moisture retaining plate



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a moisture retaining plate and a construction method of vegetation on a slope face using the moisture retaining plate attaining the uniform greening vegetation of a rock bed or a mortar sprayed face of slope. SOLUTION: This moisture retaining plate is composed of a net body 2 having a mortar receiving part 4 formed in rectangular shape, and vertical receiving parts 5 formed by bending both longitudinal end parts of the mortar receiving part; and a receiving part holding bodies 3 for fixing the net body to the face of slope by making the side end face parts of the vertical receiving parts and the mortar receiving part of the net body abut on the face of slope and holding the lower face side of the mortar receiving part.
(57)【要約】 (修正有) 【課題】 岩盤やモルタル吹付け傾斜法面の均一な緑化 植生を図る水分保持板と、その水分保持板を用いた傾斜 法面植生工法を提供する。 【解決手段】 矩形状に成形したモルタル受部4と、当 該モルタル受部の長手方向の両端部を折曲形成した垂直 受部5とを有するネット状本体2と、当該ネット状本体 のモルタル受部と垂直受部の側端面部を傾斜法面に当接 すると共に、当該モルタル受部の下面側を保持してネッ ト状本体を傾斜法面に固定する受部保持体3により水分 保持板を構成した。




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