Image forming device



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an image forming device capable of forming a high-quality image over a long term and reducing running cost further by realizing a mechanism for contacting and separating a cleaning member for cleaning the surface of the contact electrifying means of the image forming device at low cost in a space saving state. SOLUTION: This image forming device is equipped with an image carrier driven to be rotated, a roll type electrifying member which electrifies the image carrier while rotating in a state where it comes into contact with the image carrier, and the turnable cleaning member which cleans the electrifying member in a state where it comes into contact with the electrifying member. In the device, the cleaning member has a contact part coming into contact with the electrifying member and a non-contact part not coming into contact with the electrifying member in its peripheral direction, and it stops while keeping a position where the non-contact part is opposed to the electrifying member at the time of forming the image and cleans the surface of the electrifying roll while it is rotated for a specified time in the midst of image non-forming rotation after finishing forming the image by the specified number of times.
(57)【要約】 【解決課題】 画像形成装置の接触帯電手段の表面を清 掃する清掃部材を接離する機構を低コスト、省スペース で実現し、それによって高画質の画像形成が長期的に実 現でき、そのランニングコストもより低減された画像形 成装置を提供することを課題とする。 【解決手段】 回転駆動される像担持体と、前記像担持 体に接触して回転しつつ当該像担持体を帯電するロール 状の帯電部材と、前記帯電部材に接触して当該帯電部材 を清掃する回動可能な清掃部材とを備えた画像形成装置 において、前記清掃部材は、その周方向に帯電部材に接 触する接触部分と、帯電部材に接触しない非接触部分と を有し、画像形成時、該清掃部材はその非接触部分が帯 電部材と対向する位置を保持して停止し、所定の画像形 成回数終了後、非画像形成回転中の所定の時間だけ、前 記清掃部材を回転させて帯電ロールの表面を清掃するよ うに構成して課題を解決した。




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