Plane position detector and aligner



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a plane position detector and an aligner equipped with the plane position detector which secure an excellent focusing performance over a wide plane to be detected and have a high detecting precision with a simple optical system. SOLUTION: The plane position detector 100 which detects the plane position of a plane Wa to be detected is provided with a projection system 1 which projects a light beam from an inclined direction with respect to a plurality of points to be detected on the plane Wa to be detected on the basis of a detecting light emitted from a light source 6 for detection, a conversion system 2 which forms the images of a plurality of the detected points on the basis of the light beam via the plane Wa to be detected, a detector 17 which photoelectrically detects the images of a plurality of detected points, and an lens array AR1 to AR4 of a plurality of lenses which are two-dimensionally integrated and located on the optical path between a light source 6 for detection and the detector 17, the plane positions of the plane Wa to be detected are detected based on the output of the detector 17.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 簡略な光学系を実現しつつ、広範囲の検出領 域全面に対して良好な結像性能を確保し、高い検出精度 を有する面位置検出装置及びこの面位置検出装置を備え た露光装置を提供することを目的とする。 【解決手段】 被検面Waの面位置を検出する面位置検 出装置100は、検出用光源6からの検出光に基づい て、被検面Wa上の複数の検出点に対して傾斜方向から 光束を投射する投射系1と、被検面Waを介した光束に 基づいて、複数の検出点の像を形成する集光系2と、複 数の検出点の像を光電的に検出する検出器17と、検出 用光源6と検出器17との間の光路上に配置されて、複 数のレンズを2次元状に集積したレンズアレイAR1〜 AR4とを備え、検出器17の出力に基づいて、被検面 Waの面位置を検出する。




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