Ultraviolet quantity measuring element



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a low-priced ultraviolet quantity measuring element capable of simply measuring the integrated quantity of ultraviolet light. SOLUTION: This element is equipped with a liquid crystal cell 1, a colored polarizing plate 10 disposed on the front side of the cell 1, and a non-colored polarizing plate 11 disposed on the rear side of the cell 1. The cell 1, provided between a pair of front and rear substrates 2 and 3, has a liquid crystal layer 1 comprising a liquid crystal composition having an ultraviolet-dissociable component with its crystal liquid molecules oriented in a prescribed state of orientation and has electrodes 5 and 6 provided opposite to each other on respective inner surfaces of the pair of front and rear substrates 2 and 3.
(57)【要約】 【課題】紫外線の積算光量を簡易的に測定することがで きる安価な紫外線量測定素子を提供する。 【解決手段】前後一対の基板2,3間に、紫外線解離成 分を有する液晶組成物からなり、その液晶分子が所定の 配向状態に配向した液晶層4が設けられるとともに、前 記一対の基板2,3のそれぞれの内面に互いに対向する 電極5,6が設けられた液晶セル1と、前記液晶セル1 前側に配置された着色偏光板10と、前記液晶セル1の 後側に配置された非着色偏光板11とを備えた。




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