Broadcast communication method



(57)【要約】 【課題】 未確認移動局への一斉同報通信の再送を行う とき、グループ呼出しでの再送を可能とし、確認応答の 収集が通信終了後の制御チャネルで行えるようにし、確 認応答の収集中でも指令装置がその他の呼の発着呼を行 えるようにする。 【解決手段】 無線区間は基地局装置11〜13と移動 局装置1〜5とから成り、網側は基地局装置11〜13 と制御局装置10と指令局装置14,15から成り、指 令局装置14,15が未確認の移動局にのみ一斉同報通 信を行う。このとき、一斉同報通信の呼出し時のメッセ ージに呼番号と確認応答収集時間を付与し、確認要求時 及び確認応答時のメッセージに呼番号を付与し、確認応 答にユーザの確認状況(確認済/未確認/未設定)を付 与する。そして、一斉同報通信の有無の情報と一斉同報 通信有りの時の呼番号の情報とを、制御チャネル上で基 地局から移動局へ通知し、確認応答の収集を一斉同報通 信の通信終了後に制御チャネル上で行う。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a broadcast communication method in which broadcast communication can be retried to unidentified mobile stations by group call, an acknowledge can be collected by a control channel upon finishing communication, and a commander can command other incoming and outgoing calls even during collection of an acknowledge. SOLUTION: A radio section comprises base station units 11-13 and mobile station units 1-5, the network side comprises the base station units 11-13, a control station unit 10 and command station units 14 and 15 which broadcast only to unidentified mobile stations. In this regard, a message at the time of calling a broadcast communication is imparted with a call number and an acknowledge collection time, messages at the time of requesting acknowledge and at the time of acknowledge are imparted with a call number and the acknowledge is imparted with the acknowledge condition of a user (acknowledged/not yet acknowledged/not yet set). Information telling presence/ absence of a broadcast communication and information of a call number when a broadcast communication is present is informed from a base station to a mobile station on the control channel and an acknowledge is collected on the control channel upon finishing a broadcast communication.




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