Tape for repelling slug and sheet for repelling slug



(57)【要約】 【課題】なめくじによる植物などの被害を防止するよう にした忌避用テープおよびなめくじ忌避用シートを提供 する。 【解決手段】なめくじが嫌いなサポニンが含有されてな る忌避用テープ1を植木鉢3の全周に亘って巻き付け、 なめくじが植物に近づくのを防止するようにした。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide both a tape for repelling designed to prevent damage to a plant, or the like, with a slug and a sheet for repelling the slug. SOLUTION: This tape 1 for repelling comprising a saponin which is disliked by the slug is used by winding the tape 1 for repelling around the whole periphery of a pot 3 so as to prevent the slug from approaching the plant. COPYRIGHT: (C)2002,JPO




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